Black Sea Records Ltd is proud to present the project - Part 3 of the Best Milk and Juicy Women's Reggae Compilation, which consists of 15 incredible songs. The songs have been released by international music stars, and the songs are already available on all major streaming platforms.

The new songs are about difficulties, the path of ignorance, the search - experienced by almost everyone who tries to achieve something. How to Explain the Song Meditation - "There is a belief that behind all these flashes of lightning in religious and philosophical thought lies a distant past, the dark background of which we will never know." People's disbelief, change of mind, desire to go astray. People's disbelief, change of mind, desire to get lost. It's nice to prove otherwise, so the album will inspire you to move forward.

Various female reggae artists from all over the world, such as: eLuise from Jamaica. eLuise is very creative, and the songs have great lyrics and fantastic narration that you can even think about deeply. The songs were recorded in Jamaica and you can feel Gujava's voice against a Caribbean background.

This album appears in the a windy spring whose pink sunrise envelops the soul. It wants to fly with the birdsong and the clear voices of the girls - to look at the world with delight in this addictive everyday life.

Fatima Ezzahra is a 23-year-old singer from Morocco. She has been creating music for many years, uplifted recently, in her voice in smooth jazz songs filled with the knowledge of ancient wisdom. Fatima's songs are one of the first successful efforts to promote Buddhism to Western listeners by introducing the poetry of Eduard Arnold.

Molarah from Nigeria can say on her sleeve: “I am a passionate singer and artist. I love writing and creating heartbreaking soul songs. I am very intuitive and I like to interact with people, sharing problems together to offer a solution, especially in terms of music.

The Best Milky and Juicy Female Reggae Collection is a creative women's collaboration project produced by music producer Martins Ate of Black Sea Records. This is the third women's reggae compilation album, dedicated to a woman's inner strength, which gives peace to everyone who is nearby, if there is light in her soul.

And as Ghada Yaich from Tunisia sings, "Nothing is more painful than wandering the world without what you love."

Also in this Female Reggae collection, the foundation is built on ancient knowledge. The lyrics used in the songs are inspired by the book "The Light of the World, Or, The Great Consummation" Truth and following a higher power that helps if you trust it completely.

Listen to peace and the flight of the soul soaring in the rhythms of reggae, no matter where you are.

"Nothing is more painful than wandering the world without what you love." it is so close to everyday texts, but this time it hides something inside. Will you be able to see it? Think deeper and listen to what the lyrics and melody tell you.

As you listen to the songs, feel deeply relaxed as you drive or dance - the queens and princesses of reggae, to give your ear the best listening experience of all time, sending out some voices from the book The Light of the World and Greatness.

Everything that has ever been achieved, we owe to this desire to live and to be meaningful. All songs are also available on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music and everywhere else including Tidal signing up via Enjoy the listening!