We have talked about her and her music before and luckily we have to do it again, because on June 7, 2021, she surprised the audience by releasing a new album - "My First Rhymes ".  The kids musician Ninti Ate, or simply - Ninti, who has been mentioned in news several times already before, has come up with a very lovely album for kids –  “My First Rhymes”. The new album is available at all leading digital music streaming services. Besides that the new album is dedicated to her youngest sister Simona also you can turn it up in a car for your toddlers and enjoy!

As we mentioned before, Ninti is both a artist and a singer from United Kingdom, Hastings. From childhood, dignity, respect and responsibility were instilled in the family. Also, the belief that God sees everything from above was taught to her in the family and mainly that is what she sings about.

Ninti Ate comes from a place where all young people are looking for a hobby and something interesting. Ninti hopes that this musical experiment of her will pay off someday. She hopes that people will one day hear her with more serious music and that the music she creates will be able to help them at least distract their lives from the negative and increase positive mindsets.

The artists Bob Marley, UB40 and Laura Pauzini have left the biggest influenza on the young girl. She also loves blues. The musician is really very "flexible" and she likes different types of music - also electronic.

And you can feel it in Ninti’s music too! She is very talented and can sing both high and low notes. She is a good lyricist and can quickly create new and good songs. It is the active song release schedule that is one of the reasons why her music is heard so quickly. She is a young and talented artist who has all the doors open to the music industry. If she plays his cards correctly and does not give up, then in time we will definitely see and hear her on the big stages.

We offer you to listen to the latest Ninti’s Ate song - "LAVANDERS BLUE". We also invite you to follow the musician's Spotify profile. It will only take you a short time and will not cost you anything, but it will give an inexpressible huge support and incentive for the young musician to continue creating and publishing new songs. We've added a link instead that will take you to Ninti’s Ate profile. Feel free to support her and follow her profile. Let's support the new talent together and keep our thumbs up so that the statistics for her music grow and the achievements accumulate in piles!